7 Simple Ways to Boost Productivity

Every one of us wants to be more productive every day. It is always disappointing to end up wasting a whole day on nonsense. As we multitask, we often struggle to keep focus and prioritize effectively. Sounds familiar? Check out some tips to boost your day-to-day productivity.

Prioritize tasks

Do you feel you have too many tasks and never know where to start? Before you waste your energy trying to do a little bit of everything, better take a moment to sit down and set your priorities. Try to group similar tasks together, establish the best order and set deadlines. Later, you will say big thanks to yourself.

Have a plan

Your next step is to create a plan. Think about the time of the day you have the most energy. Assign all your mental activity to this time. When you feel tired, switch to simple tasks, like checking emails and answering calls. Try to make a plan for a few days, and then evaluate the results to make adjustments for better efficiency.

Make a checklist

Write a to-do list. You can do it on the paper, or in a special program. This may not sound logical, but you will see the effect as soon as you try. When there is a to-do list in front of you, it becomes easier to visualize the tasks ahead.

Additionally, put a tick next to every task you complete. It will bring you satisfaction about the amount of work you’ve done. It will help you stay motivated and finish more tasks than usual.

Limit social media use

The aim of most mobile applications including social networks is to maximize user retention and boost habit formation. So, better not fall into this trap!

Social media is the strongest distraction there is, and it can significantly reduce your productivity. Limit your time on social networks: call a friend if you want to chat, or read a book while you’re waiting for someone. If you want to get away from work for a minute, it is better to look out the window or go outside to get some fresh air.

Take a break

The basis for a successfully completed task is rest.

Do not have lunch at your desk; instead, go out and eat at a nearby restaurant or at least on a different floor of your building. The change of scenery is the key to succeed in your job.

Take a walk during the break or just have a chat with someone, but avoid the subject of work in your conversation. We all have a tendency to burn out when we focus on work too much, so try to not let this happen.

Minimize meetings

Have a meeting when you really need to discuss something that cannot be said in an email. More often than not meetings are a waste of time. People discuss the same thing over and over, which that does not bring a lot of efficiency into the work environment.

Create chats in messengers where you can quickly inform your employees and solve any smaller issues.

Clean your desk

Clean space means ordered thoughts. Throw out all of the unnecessary papers from your desk. Candy wrappers and tea bags also have no place on it. Your mind will not be wandering off, and working in a clean space would be even more pleasant.


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