Advantages of mobile invoicing

Whether you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, you know invoicing can be both convenient and painful at the same time.

On the one hand, the process of generating and sending invoices is time-consuming and exhausting. On the other hand, you feel good about the work you’ve done. And rightly so – how can you get paid if you don’t send an invoice to the client? Thankfully, hundreds of invoicing features available today make this task a lot easier.

Here is a list of the advantages of mobile invoicing. Check these out to get some more insight into the process:

It’s quick and easy

You spend over 10 minutes writing down the information for each invoice on average. But when you have to send a lot of invoices every day, it turns into a tedious process.

Mobile phones have made invoicing much quicker and safer: all the information in the app can be synchronized on your phone and safely stored. The only thing you need to do is log into your account, choose the client and send the invoice. It takes just a few minutes to complete. As soon as you’ve done it once, you will only need a couple of clicks to send the next one.

Cloud storage

Now, all the invoicing information you need is safely stored on your phone, including your payment details and clients’ contacts. These are automatically synchronized with cloud storage which means you have access to your invoices from any gadget anywhere.


Do you remember the time when you forgot to send out an invoice? Well, you are lucky if you don’t.

The system sends you updates on your activity status and reminds of the nearing invoice payments. This feature saves you tons of time and money, so you can focus on more meaningful tasks, like developing your business and working on new concepts.

Gather signatures and issue receipts

Adding your signature to the invoice is also very easy since all you need to create one is simply use your finger or a stylus. Let your invoice app keep your signature safe.

Moreover, an app can be useful when you have to accept an estimate or authorize payment. To do this, you can click one button and email or print the receipt for your client. Instant delivery means quicker payments.

As we established earlier, you now need just a few seconds to get invoices delivered. It is especially great when your client pays invoice fast, isn’t it? Back in the day, they would say the invoice was “lost in the mail”, and it took forever to be paid. With mobile invoices, sending and paying invoices becomes significantly faster.

Reduce amount of errors

You must have heard the term “human error”. Human errors slow down the payment process and can seriously hurt the relationship with the customer. Such mistakes can cost you large amounts of money. Sending and resending documentation is one of the biggest nightmares for an entrepreneur.

Online invoicing does all the necessary technical work for you and helps you to avoid the errors. The app will consider the tax rates and make sure the client will receive the invoice.

Strengthen customer relationships

A simple “thank you” can be a decisive step in your relationship with the customer nowadays. Make your clients feel like VIPs, which can also improve the relationship and stimulate them to pay on time. The app allows you to send “thank you” automatically or you can quickly type your own thanks in a message to your customer. Good interaction can also help to encourage a client to keep coming back for your services.


Professional look always makes an impression on customers. Make your invoice look sophisticated and customized, matching the feel of your brand. You may think that it is not meaningful but sometimes a good design can be crucial for the client when choosing an appropriate professional.

Сonvenient payments

Thankfully, mobile invoicing gives you a wide range of payment options, whether it is a credit or debit card. Keep in mind, when your client can choose how to pay, they will do it quicker.


Today, invoicing has become eco-friendly. There are no stacks of paper and logistics costs, nor there are postage vehicles emissions delivering invoices and payments. Using mobile invoicing can quite literally help you save the planet.

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