Small business invoicing

Every business aims to be profitable and successful in its chosen sphere but, without monitoring your financial results, it is rather difficult to achieve the top goalsTo make it simple, attractive and at the same time professional invoice can be a difficult task. It is a tedious process and it should not be ignored. Custommade invoices are key for providing legal protection to your customers and yourself. Moreover, business invoicing can justify your reported income for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


Custom–made invoices are key for providing legal protection to your customers and yourself. 

Invoice basics

A seller sends an invoice when he requires a payment for goods or services. An invoice is a specific document issued by the seller to the buyer. It provides details about the products purchased, including quantities, cost, and any special terms. Invoices also have to include information about the buyer and the seller, description of the services or goods, payment information, and other essential details for the payment to be made.

Create Invoice for Your Business

Getting paid

Invoices help business to keep track of the received payments and to get paid on time. It goes without saying that you cannot make a profit without being paid. A correct invoice increases the percentage of paid receipts. Payment terms can help small business to easily control receivables. We advise you to use specialized electronic systems to detect whether invoices were paid on time and thus ensure prompt payments.

Recognize problems early

You do not always need to have the appropriate financial skills to identify the financial issues your business experiences. It is easier than you can probably guess. Have a look at the four key business areas to define your net profit. By comparing your monthly and annual metrics accordingly, you will be able to see which areas need to be improved:

  • Revenuethe money you are receiving;
  • Expensesthe money you are spending;
  • Profits — your revenue minus your expenses;
  • Debtswhat you owe to lenders or vendors.

Audit evidence

How often is your business audited by tax authorities? Even if you do everything right, there is always a chance of your business getting inspected. During an audit, the taxing authorities concentrate their attention on the income you receive during the year. Financial accounting provides conclusive proof that you have reported your income fully and correctly. Systematize everything – from invoicing to tax preparation – and you will pass the audit easily.

Start using invoices, keep track of your cash flow and find your downward trends. Your business will thank you for it.

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