9 rules for creating an effective logo

The logo is an important element of any company’s style. Many people wonder how to make this distinctive sign stand out from the crowd. The following rules will help you create the most effective logo which will work for the image of your company for many years ahead.

A good logo should:

Be simple

The majority of the popular logos are very simple. It is due to the fact that simple images are the ones that are much easier to remember. The same principle is used in the minimalist design of websites.

Attract attention

The logo should be attractive and interesting. It has to trigger an emotional response in the person who is looking at it.

Easy to read

Each of us has come across the situation when it was almost impossible to read the text of the logo or understand what it meant. People are unlikely to remember unclear logos, so try not to be too original when it comes to creative slogans or unusual fonts.

Be memorable

Famous logo

A good logo is when a person has seen it just once, and will definitely recognize it the second time. A well-chosen combination of images and text will help you achieve this.

Be universal

When you create a distinctive sign for your company, try to avoid following the recent trends too closely, since trends are always changing. Keep in mind that once you choose a logo, it will have to serve your brand for a long time.  For this reason, it is always a good idea to use universal design techniques.

Be moderately original

Apple logo

Any designer wants to make the logo original. However, in this case, it is important not to overdo it with originality to affect the simplicity. Try not to crowd the design of the logo with a lot of smaller elements.

Cause the right associations

Remember that the selected image, the text and the style of its design should bring out relevant associations and create an image that corresponds to the general theme of your brand.

Be functional

Make a logo using a vector format to avoid subsequent problems when it comes to scaling, placing and changing the color of the image.

Be unique

Do not do the same things as your competitors. Find your own style, technique and operate with them. It will help you to build your individual image which people will recognize you by.


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