Top 5 invoicing tips to save time

The key goal for every freelancer or entrepreneur is to get money. But no one enjoys creating invoices since it can become an incredibly annoying task that takes up a lot of time. In this article, we collected five best invoicing tips to help you save your time and nerves.

1) Consider your payment terms carefully

Agree on your payment terms in advance and make sure these are clear and easy to understand.

Discuss how much a client needs to pay in advance, describe the terms, and let them know about the way you deal with possible overdue payments. Talk about payment methods in detail and warn the client if you cannot accept any of them.

When you carefully provide all of the above information, most of your payments will come on time.

2) Invoice in instalments

You might think that the less you invoice, the more time you save. In fact, this is a common misconception. A one-time large payment can end up creating more difficulties in reality, as the client may not have the total amount to pay on request. Invoicing in instalments can make the client’s life easier and increase your chances of getting paid on time.

3) Detail the list of items

As mentioned in the previous section, you will have to invoice more often. However, a detailed description of the items and their cost will prevent unnecessary questions from your customers in the future. Everyone wants to know what they are paying for, especially if they pay a lot. A detailed list of invoices saves time on disagreements. Take care of yourself and your client, and it will save you a lot of time.

4) Solve problems quickly

If the payment is overdue, you should immediately inform the customer. Do not be afraid to be intrusive if you contact them directly. There is no guarantee that your client’s company will still be working after a couple of months. Be polite, but insist on your terms. Most likely, the client had some good reasons and they will pay you as soon as it becomes possible.

5) Remind your customers about payment

You can do this by phone or by email. Try not to annoy your customers regularly. It is enough to send a reminder that the payment is due in a week. This will significantly increase the number of invoices paid on time.

Think about yourself and the client, pay attention to invoicing, and prevent unpleasant situations. Your client will be satisfied which means your time will never be wasted.

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