Dream team

It is no secret that a good team is a key to a successful business. However, it is not so easy to find the right people. Yet it is possible! Check out the eight best tricks that will help you create a dream team.

№1 Evaluate the intelligence, creativity and openness of the candidates.

Hire talented and outstanding people. Those are the people who will be able to find new definitions of success for your business. If you feel you are surrounded by ordinary, unmotivated people, you should change your team or place of work.

№2 Step away from the standards.

Look for something different. Make a list of personal characteristics and skills which you would like to see in a team. Then, start putting your dream team together like a puzzle, finding different elements. This technique does not necessarily contradict the traditional methods of recruiting, but rather reflects the innovative thinking of real business geniuses.

№3 Pick potential over experience.

Feel free to hire people with insufficient experience or a lack of it in your specific area of business. The important thing is talent. Depart from the standard interview format: instead, ask unusual questions, talk about personal things, and establish contact on the emotional level.

№4 “Customize” positions for employees, not vice versa.

Change the roles, functionality and even structure of the company for your employees. Remember that business is done by people, and it is the people who form the internal environment and culture of any given.

№5 Do not be afraid of staff turnover.

Professionalism is more important than stability. Smart, creative and talented people (and this is what you are looking for, right?) will certainly progress in their careers quickly. If one day they leave, you should not object.

№6 Inspire your employees to go beyond. 

Demand incredibly high results, expect the impossible. Do not let your talents plunge into the routine work. Otherwise, they will think that you are simply squeezing the result out of them. They also need to constantly confirm their own uniqueness.

№7 Become a mentor not just in business but also in life.

Be ready to support colleagues beyond the office activity. Thoroughly maximize the line between partnerships and micromanagement. Unleash the potential of the team. Be a leader and inspire to be one.

№8 Stay in touch.

Remember that mentoring and consulting for your protégés is a long-term commitment. Even if one of them leaves your company, be ready to keep in touch, because these people make a network of professionals who trust each other.

Think differently than the traditional bosses do: look for unique talents in unusual places, make excessive demands, and break the corporate system for the sake of your employees. Remember that people are much more effective when they feel confident, and do not forget to inspire this confidence in them.

You can create really strong teams and achieve great business results with these simple tricks. And the fame of you, as one of the business geniuses of our time, will spread far beyond your market and industry.

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