5 grants for business women available in the US

If you have a business or you want to start one, you should try obtaining some grants. It is not as hard as you think: it is always possible that your project will be the best for one or another grantor.

Great idea, ready-made business plan, desire to work – these are the things you need to become a contender for a grant in America. If the application window is not open yet, set a reminder and submit documents when required. You will have enough time to work on the best offer and create, which will in turn give you an important competitive advantage.

In this article, we listed five grants for business women available in the USA.

#Girlboss Foundation Grant

This grant is issued to female entrepreneurs who work on the implementation of creative solutions, including design, music and art. If your project is chosen by Sofia Amoruso and her committee, you will receive $15,000 and a business exposition via #Girlboss channels. The grant application is free of charge; the only thing you need is to enter your basic information: name, contacts, project description, amount of money you need, and your final goal.

The Amber Grant

Each month, a group of judges gives the winner of this grant $1,000. Then, at the end of the year, one of the twelve monthly winners has the right to win an additional $9,000. The best thing about this grant is that you do not need to use corporate language or fancy words when presenting your idea. Judges are looking for ideas delivered with passion and coming from the heart – from dog-walking to investing in science. The application is very simple: name, idea and other basics. You need to describe what you will do with the money and share other details that you think are important. The application fee is $15, but it is definitely worth it.

Halstead Grant

This annual grant is given to women who specifically work in the jewelry business. The winner receives $7,500 and a $1,000 gift card to be used at Halstead (a jewelry wholesaler). Other benefits include a trophy (perhaps, the best part of winning) and a trip to the company’s headquarters in Arizona. The submission process is simple – basic information plus answers to a few questions.

Idea Café Small Business Grants

This grant is not limited to women, yet the majority of the winners are ladies. Therefore, it is worth mentioning in this article. For example, the bakery owner from Hamilton, New York, Brittany Buonocore received a grant in 2016. Her small shop expanded to a large store. A $1000 grant is intended for those who creatively solve everyday problems. It is not a huge amount but could make a very good start. Make sure to keep an eye on the deadlines!

InnovateHER: Innovating for Women Business Challenge

This is a unique grant for businesses owned by women. It is awarded to those who produce innovative products and services which are used to expand opportunities for women and families. Last time, the winners presented an app for babysitters, a program that delivers fresh food right under your door, and Bluetooth which looks like a designer bracelet. Good money is at stake here – the first place winner receives $40,000, the second place – $20,000, and the third – $10,000. The dates for the next submission have not yet been published, but there are no entrance fees, so feel free and put yourself out there.

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