Top 6 reasons to buy from you

Any manager has been in a situation when they spent time talking to a client, aiming to make a sale, yet the client went to the competitor and purchased goods from them. The reason why a client might decide to go with the competitor’s product instead of yours may remain a mystery to you. In this article, we propose to analyze the basic rules of sales that will allow you to make more sales and reduce the probability of losing a buyer to a minimum. Here are the top 6 reasons why a client will always decide to buy from you.

Profitable offer

Make sure to pay attention, since “profitable” does not always mean “cheap”. Your Unique Trade Offer (UTP) will help you to convince the client that your offer is the most advantageous on the market. Value for money is a win-win. Be honest with customers, tell them how the price policy is established in your niche. Do not hide the high cost; instead, tell them what you are asking so much money for. Here, you can see a well-known pattern: when you tell the client that the product is not for them, they immediately react by wanting to prove you wrong.

In the end, the purchase should be a source of pride for the client, where the money paid for the product becomes a secondary issue – it simply does not matter! After all, the ultimate emotion you should aim for from the client is “It was worth it”.

Confidence in the result

The most difficult thing for businesses, especially those providing services, is to ensure guarantees. In this case, the task of the sales manager is to “promise to do everything and not guarantee anything”. It is important to convince the client that you would do everything that depends on you and the work would in no way be interrupted. If you are confident in the result, try to reflect it in numbers. You can make sure the client is confident in your service by giving a detailed budget forecast describing the investments and returns.


This point is especially important for you if your product is not made for the masses. Every client of yours should believe that each project is unique. Help them choose the most suitable offer. After completing an order for such a client once, they will order another five as well as bring their acquaintances.

“I want to know everything!”

The strongest motivation for a human being is their desire to communicate. You need to be aware of your client’s desire to follow the stages of the work and be aware of what is going on. Simply put, do not “disappear with the money”. You do not need to always try and create the illusion that you are working. Just do not be lazy and communicate with your client: consult, make updates on the progress, and provide them with an action plan. The more information you give to the client before the start of the project, the less they will be worrying and distracting you from the actual process.

Make yourself visible

Do not forget about your own development and make sure to keep on taking increasingly difficult projects. Take part in exhibitions, apply for tenders and affiliate program – do whatever you can to show yourself off! This way, you will continue to grow, and so will your profit! Clients do not always realize the relevance of your product or service.

Pleasant managers

The easiest way to build relationships with a person is through another person. It is important to be a manager who is pleasant, understanding, who will listen and make effort to solve a problem. Therefore, these employees should have the best communication skills, be the most interested in solving problems and be motivated by getting the best results. It is no secret that human relationships and certain personal aspects play an integral role in any process involving more than one participant.

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