5 ways to boost productivity while working remotely

The Stanford University experiment showed that the turnover among the staff who were given the opportunity to work at home was 50% lower and their productivity increased by 17%. However, after the end of the experiment, half of the control group preferred to work from the office. The key reason was loneliness, while another common cause reported was the difficulty to concentrate.

In fact, the best thing a company can offer an employee is flexible schedule and let them can decide where they want to work – from home or from the office. While most people have a lot of experience working in the office and know how to effectively use their working hours, many still need to learn how to do the same thing at home.

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1. Start remote work gradually

Adaptation to new conditions always requires a lot of energy from a person, even though in reality they spend less of it. Remote work may entail various problems. Therefore, to avoid additional stress and not to lose efficiency, select the days when you want to work out of the office, whether it be your house, a cafe or coworking.

Choose the easiest day of your work week and structure things in such a way so you do not have any important meetings on this day. Make sure you have access to all the information and tools that you may need for work and let your family know if you work from home.


Choose the easiest day of your work week

2. White noise can help you

Not everyone can afford to work from home for various reasons. Particularly often, the work process can be hampered by children who find it difficult to understand that their parent may have something more important to do than play with them.

In this case, you can work outside your house. For example, J. K. Rowling used to go to a cafe to focus on writing her book. Later, she started renting a room at a nearby hotel. Scientists confirm that working from a public place can stimulate your productivity. According to a study by the University of Chicago, a moderate level of ambient noise contributes to an individual’s creativity. But even if you choose to stay at home, you can use sites like Coffitivity or Noisli which have whole libraries of background sounds.

Work outside your house

3. Choose a comfortable workplace

Working from your bed or the sofa only looks comfortable in pictures. In fact, a very relaxed atmosphere makes it difficult to concentrate. Moreover, if both your professional and personal life takes place in the same space, it will be difficult for you to disconnect from work.

That is why many people try not only work at the desk, but to set up a small room or office where they live.

4. Do not work in pajamas

Scientists at the University of Hertfordshire point out that clothing is often symbolic for a person. When we put something on, our brain “adjusts” to the purpose of that particular piece of clothing and behaves in accordance with it. In addition, we should not forget about the sudden Facetime calls from colleagues. After all, facing your boss in a nightie may be a very awkward situation.

5. Approach work responsibly

Your office is your laptop, which means you must take care of it. One of the factors that disrupt remote work is poor WiFi signal, so you need to think about it in advance. If you use your own device, then discuss your company’s rules of confidentiality and information protection with the security service and system administrators.

Protect your WiFi and computer with passwords and do not forget to update the antivirus. Be sure to make backups regularly, and store them in different places. The more important information you have in your computer locally, the more difficult it will be for you to recover from its loss, so make sure to use cloud services.

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