5 creative ways to show your clients care

Taking care of your clients is key to building a loyal network around your business and creating a reputation for your services. People highly appreciate a personalized approach and are always ready to share their positive feelings with others.

Here are five ways to show your appreciation to the customers:

1. Send cards on unique holidays

Most of the companies congratulate their clients on Christmas Day, Easter or on their birthday. Stand out from the crowd of competitors by sending greeting cards not only on the main holidays but also on unique occasions, like Clients’ Day, the anniversary of your company or even the customer’s half-birthday. Be sure, this small act of appreciation will definitely be noticed.Send cards on unique holidays

2. Send handwritten or personalized notes

Another way to personalize your service is to send handwritten notes or to mention the name of the client in your letter. Impersonal greetings do not stand a chance against the message with a client’s name on it. Handwritten notes demonstrate the fact that you devote the time to the person. Even a simple “thank you” note can do a lot for your business. This, in turn, stimulates the person to be more loyal to your brand and even become an informal ambassador of your company.

Send handwritten or personalized notes

3. Celebrate milestones with your customers

Your customers are the people who contribute to your business a lot. It can be a nice gesture to thank your customers by inviting them to celebrate important business milestones together. Moreover, these are the opportunities to see happy customers, share stories of success and promote your business even more!


Celebrate milestones with your customers

4. Start a loyalty program

Hard data says that loyal customers make 80% of the revenue. The cost of attracting one new client is five times higher than the cost of retaining a loyal customer. That is why successful companies strive to increase the retention rate of their clients. A loyalty program should offer systems of rewards for your customers, including different discounts, promotions, etc. In some cases, these can even help you gather information about the behavioral traits of the customers and improve your business even more.

Start a loyalty program

5. WOW your customers


“Treat others the way you want to be treated”

Provide unforgettable customer service to a random client in celebration of the company’s anniversary, business milestone, or any other occasion. It is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate the level of your service and care for the clients. Increase the loyalty of your customers by going the extra mile and giving them more than they expect. Give an unexpected present to your 100,000th client, offer a surprise upgrade, or distribute branded gifts to your customer network. Make your customers feel like they are important to you.

“Treat others the way you want to be treated”. This simple rule works for your business perfectly. Always give people more than what they expect to get, and they would be willing to do that much for you.

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