Watch "Game of Thrones" and learn about marketing

Marketing is everywhere. You submit a resume, and you here you are, selling yourself and your skills. You read an interesting article, and you share the link with your friends. You watch your favorite series, and there the characters behave according to the digital laws. Now, let’s see what marketing tools are used by the characters in the all-time favourite “Game of Thrones”.

Monetize what works best

In the “Game of Thrones” series, the characters know their value, as well as nurture and monetize their best qualities. Remember Margaery Tyrell? Although she is not without wit, her strongest suit is clearly her physical appearance. Margaery knew the power of her beauty which enabled her to became queen. Poor Tommen was wrapped around her finger, and she became more important to him than his kittens. Unthinkable!

Game of Thrones and marketing

Try de-marketing

It also works the opposite way: if the demand has grown too much, take some time out. Otherwise, the consequences may be unpredictable. Arya Stark deliberately hid her developing femininity — first, out of fear of being discovered, and later out of habit. As a result, everyone forgot what Ned Stark’s younger daughter looked like, and it was when she struck back  — for mom, for dad, for brothers!

Comprehensive promotion

In seven seasons, “from all over the world, from the nests of their homes”, members of different clans flew to the capital of the kingdom to come together in a great battle. It works in marketing as well: you need to promote your products and services on all fronts and across all channels – only this way the most effective exhaust will be.

Intrigue and dominate

When you create a new product, give consumers a chance to wait, as it was done by… No, not Reebok, but guys from the house of Stark. As the seasons went on, the Starks were methodically exterminated, but each time one of them pointedly repeated: “Winter is coming.” In turn, the audience waited in anticipation of what would happen when the winter did actually come.

And what about John Snow at the end of the fifth season – was he alive or dead? This question was generously used in advertising campaigns of the coming season.

Learn the habits of partners

In other words, study psychology. What could be more interesting than to analyze the motives of others and understand why they act this way and not otherwise? Cersei Lannister, for example, did not study. She approached useful people and lured them into her networks, but forgot that “in the game of thrones even the most insignificant figures are endowed with their own will and can refuse to make the moves thought up for them”. Hence, she failed, all because the gray cardinal of the Royal Harbor wanted power too. So, instead of power, she got prison and a fascinating walk through the streets of the city.

Another example is Viserys Targaryen. Daenerys’s brother clearly underestimated his potential partners. The Dothraki were ready to take the Iron Throne by storm, yet they were not happy to endure his antics. The result – a beautiful crown on the head of Viserys.

Here are the marketing tricks you can learn from some of your favourite characters. Learn this to become successful and take the market by storm!

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